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Business is simple?

Business boils down to two key concepts - you have something to sell and someone who will buy it! Simple really!

It doesn't matter where in the chain you are, those concepts hold. You might be selling your ability to manufacture a widget. You might be selling a pushchair to a mum. Getting to the point where you have something, anything, to sell is relatively easy. It's getting someone to part with their money and actually buy that can be complicated!

The first step has to be getting that buyer knowing about your product. I can't believe just how often business owners believe that simply having the most wonderful product in the world means that it will sell. Nobody buys anything they don't know about! Possibly your first buyer will be so delighted that they tell everyone else and your sales rocket without any further action on your part. But you still need to find that buyer; that gem who will do all your work for you! In real life, it simply doesn't happen. You need lots of buyers, some of whom will tell some people some of whom will buy and so on. Hopefully this will result in you making enough sales that your business is viable. Don't forget, though, that many of your buyers are in competition with each other. If they find that brilliant product, they'll keep that news to themselves!!!

So where do you find your buyers? If you need a retailer to help you on your way, then there is no better place than a trade show! OK you could trudge through town after town, trying to find that elusive nursery shop. You could phone everyone listed in Yellow Pages. You could search the Internet for suitable candidates. And you'd still have to drive there and show off your product!

And of course, you'll still miss out on certain buyers; the ones you fail to convince in an initial phone call but who will love your product when they see it; the ones whose existence you have yet to discover. You'll waste your time visiting those that you'll never convince to stock your brand.

A trade show is actually a very efficient process. We get all the brands and the buyers in one place and a few minutes will tell both whether a deal is possible.

And so it boils down to one simple fact. If you need more buyers (and who doesn't) you need to exhibit at a trade show!

And it just so happens that the UK's only trade show is finalising the details. Jump in now and you've got the whole year in front of you to develop those contacts into profit. Delay and you'll have 12 months of missed opportunities.

- Cathy

PS: Being there is only half the story! (Sorry!). You're there, the buyers are there, but will you actually talk to each other. A buyer has only a few seconds on passing a stand to decide whether to stop or keep on walking. Let's make sure they at least pause - why have I heard of this brand? - to give you the opportunity to start the conversation. Better still, you need your brand on their 'need to see, could be good' list!

How do you do this? A small investment in pre-show publicity works wonders! There's no need to spend hundreds on full page glossy ads. There are better ways!

Talk to Lyn or Jane on how Nursery Online can sow the seeds for a successful show.

But before then we have a couple more Product Spotlights. Next week is Bathtime with a copydate of next Monday. In a fortnight’s time is Travel Products with a copy date of March 5th. There are many products out there which will help a mum, dad or even grandparent deal with a baby or toddler while out and about. It could be something simple such as a set of reins or the perfect stroller for public transport and planes. Whatever it is, retailers need to know. Advertorials are the quick and easy way to tell them.

For more information on advertorials and Harrogate promotions contact Lyn on 01304 374169 or 07971 700979 or email on or Jane on

Oyster Carapace i-Size collection by BabyStyle

The Oyster Carapace collection comprises the Oyster Duofix i-Size base, which is an Isofix base compliant with ECE R129, the Carapace Infant (i-Size) and the Carapace Toddler (i-Size).

The Duofix i-Size base offers ‘Click ‘n’ Go’ convenience being easy to install and employing a red to green notification system to ensure a secure fit.

The Carapace Infant i-Size seat is compatible with a wide selection of strollers and features integrated ‘Click ‘n’ Go’ and intuitive release buttons allowing it to be quickly and safely moved between the Duofix i-Size base and stroller. The Carapace Infant i-Size is suitable from 40cm up to 83cm (about 12 months).

The Carapace Toddler i-Size is positioned on the Oyster Duofix i-Size base rearward facing from 40cm up to 105cm (about four years) or forward facing from 15 months.

Key features of the Carapace Toddler i-Size include a side-impact defence system, rearward and forward facing recline option, easy harness and headrest adjustment, shoulder and crotch harness pads and a removable and washable cover.

The fabrics used coordinate with those on the new Oyster3.
01509 816444

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Medela’s Swing lands National Award for Best Breast Pump

Medela, one of the world’s leading breastfeeding brands, has scooped the top spot in the Best Breast Pump category in Babycentre’s 2019 Parent’s Pick survey.

The brand’s flagship Swing breast pump came out on top after more than 2,000 parents voted for their favourite breast pump, amongst other must-have baby products. The mums and dads were surveyed on their favourite parenting and baby products for the independent Parent’s Pick awards. They rated their favourite baby bottles, car seats, prams, baby food and disposable nappies, as well as breast pumps, and the Swing took the top spot out of five others in its category.

It’s no surprise that Medela clinched first place, as the Swing was described as “a fantastic pump that is quiet to use and comfortable”.

Parents loved the fact that the Swing can be both mains and battery powered, as well as the two-phase suction technology which aims to mimic a baby’s natural nursing rhythm. Mums said it was “simple to use” and “easy to take apart and clean”, so it’s clear why the Swing won the top spot!

The award-winning pump is favoured by celebrity mums including Giovanna Fletcher and Helen Skelton, and is also used in 75% of UK hospitals. Medela is the world’s leading breastfeeding product manufacturer and is a research-based company. They are passionate about breast milk and the benefits it can give new-born babies and have been supporting breastfeeding mothers for over 50 years.

Paul Furlong, MD of Medela, said: “It’s great for our hard work to be recognised by Babycentre’s community of parents, we are passionate about creating products that are tailored to the needs of breastfeeding women, and to have the Swing recognised as the best in its field is fantastic. We are excited to continue innovating and expanding our product range with more award-winning pumps!”

RRP £134.99

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Muslinz spring into action with new Violet Muslin range

Baby accessories specialist MuslinZ has launched a Violet shade to their popular Cotton Muslin product range as part of its new Spring 2019 collection.

The new colour includes a purple and grey spot print, a purple and grey star print, as well as a plain purple muslin.

The MuslinZ Violet launch follows the huge success of the MuslinZ Mint range launched last year as well as the new Gold prints in the Bamboo Organic Range launched earlier in 2019.

Caroline Taylor, managing director from MuslinZ, said: “When we launched the Mint range in 2018, we had a lot of feedback from distributors saying that their customers loved having a gender-neutral muslin rather than just the traditional pink or blue. We found the Violet muslin square coordinated very nicely with the Mint and could also be easily used with both genders. It’s a perfect way for our image-conscious parents to update their baby accessories without breaking the bank.”

The new Violet shade will be used across the entire 100 per cent Cotton Muslin range. It will adorn the 70x70cm Muslin Squares, the larger 90x100cm Swaddle wraps and the bandana style Dribble Bibs. It will also be released as a Hooded Towel which currently only comes in the Mint Star design.

Caroline added: “Our hooded towel has been so popular following the launch six months ago. Parents are telling us it’s really absorbent, dries fast and is light and comfortable, and as well-being cute and cuddly of course! We launched the towel with just the Mint Star design and so now being able to offer it in the Violet Star too is very exciting; we think it will be lovely for parents to be able to have one of each colour for their little ones.”

MuslinZ also produce luxury bamboo organic cotton muslin squares and have a reusable nappy range.

For more information contact MuslinZ on, on 01295 810008 or visit

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Halilit warns retailers to be vigilant over copies

The preschool music specialist is becoming increasingly concerned about the appearance of imitation Halilit instruments in the market and is warning retailers to ensure they check all certification thoroughly.

Having built a solid reputation for their high quality and robust instruments, the manufacturer has always placed safety at the very top of their priority list when developing products and is aware that others may not do the same.

Speaking on behalf of the factory, Judith Stark, MD, comments: “We have been alerted of a number of Halilit copies on the global marketplace over the past few months and wish to remind retailers and suppliers alike to be cautious and alert when offered baby and preschool instruments that resemble Halilit products. We have invested considerably in ensuring our instruments are safe for babies as young as three months, and have also undergone a lengthy process to reengineer items in accordance with the implementation of the 2013 acoustic standards. The copy products that we have seen lately would not, in our belief, comply with these current EN71 standards and therefore we have concerns about the authenticity of testing certification provided with these products.”

Halilit suggests anybody that is approached with replica instruments ask to see full EN71 certification from post 2013, and that should retailers be seeking genuine musical toys for babies and toddlers that they speak with the team about supply of the original Halilit brand.

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Rockit named ‘International Business of the Year’

Rockit, the company behind the multi award winning portable baby rocker, has done it again and was crowned ‘International Business of the Year’ at the FSB Celebrating Small Business Awards.

The South West finals of the national contest took place at Somerset County Cricket Ground on Thursday and were designed to find the best small businesses from the region. Bristol based Rockit fought off stiff competition from other businesses that have also had considerable successes in export markets.

Rockit was launched in September 2017 and is already soothing babies to sleep and helping worn out parents all over the world. Dr. Nick Webb, the Rockit’s inventor said “We are currently distributing to over 40 countries across 6 continents and it’s a real honour to be recognised as the International Business of the Year by the Federation of Small Businesses.”

Rockit have also been selected by the Department for International Trade as ‘Export Champions’ engaging with other companies as ambassadors and guides through their export journeys.

Matt Dyson, Rockit CEO adds, “We have been delighted by the reaction to Rockit from both consumers and the nursery industry globally. We are currently busy developing additional products to build our range and we anticipate launching these at Kind und Jugend in September.”

For more information please visit or contact Matt Dyson on 07588 717000

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EXCLUSIVE for visitors to The Baby Show, Ergobaby Introduces NEW On The Move Sleep Bag

Visitors to the Baby Show, 1-3 March 2019 at ExCeL London will be the first to see, touch and buy the new, innovative On The Move Sleep Bag from Ergobaby, which enables seamless switching from nap-time to playtime and back again.

This simple transition between sleep and play means if little ones wake up bright and early it’s a quick transformation and they’re able to run free and play until it's time to get dressed. Conversely, simply tuck little feet away at naptime or bedtime so everyone gets a good night’s rest.

The On The Move Sleeping Bag is perfect for lounging, playing, toddling and more, and its wealth of handy features makes it practical and easy to use. There’s even a travel-friendly harness opening for strollers and carseats.

Suitable from six months to three years (across two different sizes) the specially designed ‘just right’ fit means the length of the bag can be easily modified to prevent trips, and to allow the bag to grow with baby. So whether they’re rolling, crawling, toddling, walking or somewhere in between, the On The Move stays the perfect fit through every stage of development.

The Sleeping Bag is made from 100% premium, ultra-soft and breathable cotton and has a rating of 0.5 TOG to keep baby comfortable in the summertime and warmer temperatures. It has a clever two-way zip and adjustable shoulder snaps which means the bag is easy to take on and off. The zip also makes nappy changes a breeze by eliminating the need to undress your child from the bag.

Available in two sizes, medium (for 6-18 months or 15-28lbs / 6.8-12.7kg) and large (for 18-36 months or 26-33lbs / 11.8-15kg) the On The Move comes in three sweet new prints: Heart to Heart, Silver Moons and Windsong.

Available exclusively at The Baby Show 1st - 3rd March, then from from the 4th March. RRP £29.90

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The cutest friends join little ones on their teething journey this Spring!

This spring sees the launch of two new whimsical designs from the award-winning team at Cheeky Chompers.

Introducing Fox & Friends and Unicorn Love, two enchanting prints that will feature across the brands iconic Neckerchew and much-loved Comfortchew, as well as the Neckerbib; each one promises to give little ones a super cute start to their teething journey!

The multi-award winning Neckerchew is a super absorbent bandana bib, with the brands signature chewy teether attached – meaning no more lost teethers. The Comfortchew features the print on one side, with a snuggly fleece on the reverse. With stimulating ribbon tags and an elasticated link for attaching to baby’s wrist, cot, car seat, buggy or dummy, it provides comfort at all times.

With the fox and unicorn trends showing no sign of slowing down, Cheeky Chompers are bang on style for 2019! Both prints are sure to make a trendy addition to little ones’ accessories collection!

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Test Cybex’s latest products at The Baby Show

Expectant mums will have the chance to test Cybex’s latest pushchairs at this year’s Baby Show.

Taking place from the 1st to the 3rd March at Excel London, parents will have the opportunity to trial the latest Cybex products at the Made For Mums test track, including the all new rose gold Priam and Balios S denim pushchairs.

The all new rose gold Priam is a stylish and sophisticated addition to the Platinum stroller collection, with a range of smart features that are perfect for contemporary parents on the go. When used with a Cybex infant car seat, such as the Cloud Z i-Size, the LUX Seat, LUX Carry Cot or LITE Cot, the pushchair becomes a 4-in-1 travel system offering full functionality for parents.

Part of Cybex’s Gold stroller range, the Balios S offers a smooth ride for parents and little ones and is suitable from birth to approximately four years. Featuring a reversible seat unit, a one-hand fold mechanism and full lie-flat position, the Balios S is the ideal companion for parents. The new Balios S denim collection offers a beautiful stylish pushchair for parents.

In addition, parents can visit the Cybex stand (L10) and see the Z-Line family of car seats on display, including the Cloud Z i-Size, the only rotating infant car seat which features 180 rotation for easy access and an ergonomic lie-flat position outside of the car.

The Sirona Z i-Size, which is suitable from birth to approximately four years, will also be on display. The rear-facing car seat can be rotated a full 360 deg to make it forward-facing and allow for easier entry and exit from the car. The Solution Z-Fix is suitable from three to 12 years and adapts to grow alongside the child. Solution Z-Fix features include the patented reclining headrest and optimised Linear Side-impact Protection (L.S.P. System) to offer greater protection for children.

Luke Burns, UK GM at Cybex, says; “We are looking forward to exhibiting at The Baby Show again this year, giving parents the chance to test our latest pushchairs. It gives us the opportunity to share the innovative features of Cybex’s award-winning products. We are especially excited to reveal the new rose gold Priam.”

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Give yourself an edge…

February 2019 will see the launch of a wildly creative collaboration between Paloma Faith and Cosatto, a quirky, British baby brand brand synonymous with bold, colorful print.

The collection epitomises individualism in parenting and is the result of a journey shared by Paloma and Cosatto which sees the singer unleash her passion for design in a unique and unexpected way as she explains: “When I was a new mother I felt like none of the designs out there really suited my personality. They all made me feel like I had to become someone else to be a good mother. I wanted to design something that allowed me to celebrate who I am while also stimulating my child and showing them that it’s ok to stand out from the crowd and have a joie de vivre about all things. These designs make me feel happy to be different and my child loves them too!”

Cosatto have always believed in celebrating parenthood by creating baby products that make a statement and stand out from the crowd. Proud to be a ‘Marmite’ brand - many have tried to imitate but there’s no mistaking the Cosatto look.

Just like Paloma, this range is irreverent, opulent and confident, bringing a new dimension to the whole parenting experience. Playful and powerful this choice of pram expresses the person and not just the parent.

Vicky Morley, Creative Director of Cosatto says: “We are chuffed to bits to be working with Paloma. She is a creative force with a natural flair for spotting trends. She has an uncanny sense for what is at once extraordinary, outspoken and outlandish, while at the same time irresistibly appealing. She is a true talent with a unique view of the world. Paloma is not afraid to be herself and stand up for what she believes in. This is also a Cosatto sentiment. We are kindred spirits - this is what drew us to her.”

Photography Credit: Elliot Morgan

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Last chance to book now for B Magazine's "Nurture" Spring issue

Our Spring issue will be published on 1 March and you can reach 40,000 UK-wide affluent mums-to-be who choose private maternity care and who are looking for products during pregnancy.

B is the only magazine to specifically put issues into the hands of pregnant women from early in pregnancy, when vital purchasing decisions are being made.

B is the only luxury UK-wide magazine that is aimed at 40,000 affluent, AB women who choose to have all or part of their maternity care privately.

Stocked at prestigious partners like The Portland Hospital, The Lindo Wing, Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, private Harley Street cinics, scanning clinics, upmarket baby boutiques, Harrods and over 100 of the top UK nursery independent stores, B is given directly into the hands of pregnant women and new mums by healthcare professionals and trusted experts.

We have also partnered with the Norland Nannies, who will each receive two copies; one for themselves to keep up to date with baby care and what products to buy and one to pass on to their exclusive clients.

Reasons to book with B

  • Nationwide coverage of the luxury parenting market
  • Brexit-proof readership; readers can afford all or part of their birth privately
  • Gorgeous magazine with excellent and helpful content and luxe shopping pages
  • Booking ensures editorial coverage

Copy deadline 18 February

Call 07790 992797 or email

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Bumbo - new distribution deal and new UK PR

Multi-award winning Bumbo brand is expanding their prortfolio in the UK with an exciting new distribution deal with Ridgebacks who specialise in luxurious, cool and contemporary baby accessories.

Bumbo is the brand behind the iconic Floor Seat which was invented by engineer and Grandad, Johan Buitendach, for his grandson Daniell in the 90’s. Since then over 10 million Bumbo Floor Seats have been sold worldwide, making the Bumbo Floor Seat one of the most iconic baby accessories available.

Since Grandad Buitendach’s ground-breaking Floor Seat concept, Bumbo has expanded to become a globally recognized brand with a highly innovative product line, offering families solutions for seating, changing, toilet training and more. Still very much a family business today, Bumbo’s head office is based in South Africa.

Setting Bumbo apart, is the uniquely soft and luxurious polyurethane material which is very much the distinguishing feature of this high-quality brand. Bumbo products are available in a range of colours which have been selected to complement today’s sophisticated home interior and nursery trends.

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Peg Perego is seeking its ‘Face of Peg’ in the UK

Celebrating its 70-year anniversary in true Italian style, Peg Perego is looking to extend its family by launching a campaign to find its first ever UK brand rep. The much-loved nursery brand, based in Milan, is seeking a new mamma or mamma-to-be (or papa!) to showcase its range of award-winning products throughout 2019.

Becoming the Face of Peg in the UK

With a sense of style, sophistication, a hint of fun and a strong sense of family, the new ‘Face of Peg’ will epitomise the Italian brand in every way. They will be social media savvy because the campaign will document the brand rep’s parenting journey online at each new milestone.

In return, the ‘Face of Peg’ will be kitted out with Peg Perego products for their bambino to try out. Starting with a new travel system worth over £1,000, the package will also include: an award-winning highchair - such as the popular Siesta or Prima Pappa, a Group 1 car seat, and finally, to celebrate the little one’s first birthday, they will receive a battery powered ride-on toy – like the coveted remote-control Polaris Slingshot or a fantastic replica Ducati Scrambler. What’s more, as the UK brand rep, there will be a brand shoot day providing a stylish record of a very special moment.

How to get involved

See the special posts on Peg Perego UK social media sites or search #FaceofPeg on Instagram. The search will end 6th March 2019.

For more information on the complete Peg Perego range visit

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Bravado Designs to launch in Selfridges

Platinum award-winning maternity and nursing lingerie brand, Bravado Designs, is thrilled to announce it launched five of its best-selling designs at the leading department store, Selfridges, on the 1st February.

Following the success of the recent launch at the fashion retailer, Next, the brand is pleased to announce a further stockist option in the UK with the iconic department store, Selfridges.

Recently voted the best department store worldwide, the high-end stockist will be providing customers with a great selection of Bravado Designs’ popular range, including the signature Body Silk Seamless and Original Nursing Bras, the brand’s much-loved Petal-Soft™ Ballet and Buttercup Nursing Bras, as well as the striking seam-free Invisible Nursing Bra.

The range is sure to offer further maternity options for Selfridges’ clientele, with Bravado Designs’ unique collection offering style, comfort and great support for mums-to-be and new mums. Ideal for breastfeeding mothers, the Body Silk Seamless and Original Nursing Bras both include the brand’s exclusively designed, easy-open-and-close one-handed Bravado ‘B’ nursing clips, as well as full drop away bra cups for maximum skin-to-skin contact.

Alongside the flagship designs, the recently launched Petal-Soft™ collection will be included in the listings, with the Ballet and Buttercup Nursing Bra offering a comfortable yet stylish option for expectant mothers this spring.

Not forgetting the new Invisible Nursing Bra, with its bonded design, cleverly moulding to the mother’s shape for a seam-free and wire-free option, creating a truly smooth silhouette.

Senior Marketing Director at Bravado Designs, Jennifer Sparks, commented: “We are delighted that in 2019, Bravado Designs is launching in Selfridges! It’s great to see a wide selection of our much-loved maternity and nursing lingerie available for their customers in store and online. We are sure that Selfridges’ loyal customer base will love the range, adding a touch of luxury to their maternity wardrobe!”

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Splash About launches SS19 baby swim collection inspired by classic nursery tales & poems

Award-winning UK baby swimwear brand Splash About introduces five new beautiful designs for spring/summer 2019. Inspired by classic children’s tales, rhymes and poems the collection includes baby swim essentials in a range of colours.

From the vibrant blue and striking reds in Under the Sea to the powder blue and sunshine yellow pastels in Little Ducks and playful pinks in The Owl and the Pussycat. Made from malleable high-quality neoprene, this swim-school approved collection includes swim nappies, baby wetsuits and costumes and is available now from

Managing Director of Splash About, Bernadette Spofforth, comments: “Nursery rhymes and song introduce babies and children to storytelling from an early age and just like swimming they promote social skills and boost development, laying the foundation for learning and bonding. Our beautiful new prints are designed to paint a story and inspire young imaginations.”

The five new designs are:

Dino Pirates – what better combination? ‘Splish Splash we’re going on a treasure hunt’ swashbuckling water adventures await in this bright print in blue, soft green and colourful red.

Little Ducks – five little ducks go swimming one day… in a pale blue and deep pink print with a splash of sunshine yellow which every little water duck will love!

Into the Woods – inspired by a teddy bears picnic along with some forest friends, this print offers a fresh take on baby swimwear; a bold, bright design blending warm orange with soft greens and woodland browns.

Under the Sea – a palette of navy, bright blue and white showcasing striking red octopus and other underwater creatures. Recount this classic poem, where children love to count the octopus’s eight long tentacles!

The Owl and the Pussycat - inspired by Edward Lear’s water adventure, this print teams dreamy pinks and powder blues with sail boats, owls and pussycats!

The collection comprises of the multi-award winning Happy Nappy; this swim nappy is so effective at preventing faecal leaks it is recommended by over 90% of baby swim schools in the UK. The Happy Nappy is also integrated into a costume in the Little Ducks, Into the Woods, and Owl and the Pussycat prints for a leak-free swim.

Other swim essentials include three styles of wetsuits; because babies feel cold quicker - even in warm pools - a wetsuit will maintain core temperature to keep babies happier in the water. From the BabyWrap an easy-dress wetsuit that opens completely flat, to the fleece-lined Warm-in-One, and the Happy Nappy Wetsuit the only design on the market with in-built swim-school approved swim nappy.

Splash About’s baby swim essentials are made from high-quality durable neoprene, which provides UPF50+ sun protection when outside, the prints will not fade after prolonged exposure to chlorine or in the sun. Reliable, reusable and approved by the leading baby swim schools in the UK, this swimwear collection is suitable from birth, with sizes to 24-30months in wetsuits and three years for the Happy Nappy.

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Demand for Dreamgenii grows

A reliable pregnancy pillow has become a must-have for mums-to-be and is often the top of their shopping list as pregnancy progresses.

The Dreamgenii Pregnancy Support & Feeding Pillow has become one of the best-selling pillows on the market with sales reported to be at an all-time high for brand owners Central Medical Supplies Ltd (CMS).

Following a rebrand in 2018, the Dreamgenii is not only an ideal pillow for helping expectant women maintain the optimum sleep position for foetal health but it’s also allowed retailers to offer diverse colour ways and bespoke patterns. The recipient of an unrivalled number of industry accolades, the Dreamgenii is also supported by comprehensive marketing which will continue apace in 2019.

The Spring/Summer issue of Emma’s Diary will feature Dreamgenii and an intensive social influencer programme is planned throughout the year utilising the reach and authority of celebs and parenting bloggers.

Paul Murray Plc. will now also manage distribution of the Dreamgenii range throughout Independent Nursery Retailers allowing more retailers to take advantage of maternity and feeding pillow sales.

Fiona-Jane Kenworthy, Marketing Manager at CMS comments: “We have always believed that Dreamgenii can stand alongside the best pregnancy pillows on the market not just in the UK but globally and sales year on year have been testament to that. Our marketing efforts in 2019 coupled with our partnership with Paul Murray Plc, will further cement Dreamgenii’s status as a trusted and valued pregnancy brand.”

For further information, please contact CMS on 01538 399 541

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