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Customer first?

It's a given these days that brands need to put their customers at the forefront of everything they do. Ask any brand. I do wonder though, whether ‘customer first’ is really in their thoughts. 

Last weekend, I was looking to buy a rather expensive high-tech gadget. So, I looked on a number of websites. Some products I was able to dismiss without much thought and in the end, it boiled down to two possibilities.

The first had a lovely website, but best of all was a video going through all the product's features carefully and methodically. This is the product; this is how you use it and these are the results. Great! Just what I need - the information that is! Unfortunately, the product lacked a specific feature, which for me was a deal breaker. What a pity! I would have loved to have supported that company. They really did put the customer first. They thought about who was coming onto their site and why they were there. It doesn't take a lot of thought to realise that nearly everyone who comes onto your site is looking for information about your products. They need to know what is available and what features it has. They need to know how the thing works. I would also add that they need some 'feel good' factors built in to make them well disposed towards your brand but sometimes these can be so overwhelming that they defeat the object.

This was the case with the second website. They had a fantastic video, full of brilliant arty shots, beautiful imagery throughout. What it didn't have was any real information about the product. In fact, it hardly showed the product at all! It certainly didn't show the product being taken through its paces. And other parts of the website also failed to explain what the product offered. There was a 'technical specification' box full of figures which by themselves are meaningless.

What I wanted to know was what the product could do (and what it couldn’t do). The website implied it had this feature and that feature, but it was oh so vague. Some basic features were not mentioned – where they there? It didn't even give me basic information such as what came in the box - would I need extra cables or were they supplied? What was I actually buying?

I sort of vaguely gathered that it might be what I want, but at the end of the day, I didn't know. So I gave up and told myself I didn't really need one!

Does your website really put the customer – and their needs – first, or is it all about making YOU feel good?

- Cathy

PS: Spotlights this month are Sleep Aids with a copydate of Monday 8th and Feeding with a copydate of July 22nd. The latter is a rather wide field, covering everything from bottles, to sterilisers, to weaning., so get your advertorials booked asap!

Don’t forget that we have an International Newsletter going out soon so now’s the time to start getting your brand known to a wider audience. You never know who’s out there looking for just what you are offering!! And don’t forget, News items here are FREE!

Also, soon it will be Kind+Jugend!! I believe there are a few spaces left in the British Pavilion if you’re thinking of reaching out to a wider audience. And we will be sending out our usual previews in the weeks beforehand.

Advertorials in the Previews are very cost effective. We can see from the stats that they are read. (It is interesting that we have a peak in openings during the show as visitors check up on details while they are there).

K+J is a BIG show! A visitor cannot possibly get round and see everything, so they need pointers. They need information as to which stands are worth looking at. If they are passing your stand and see the brand, they may well pause. They can easily have forgotten about your advertorial but they ask themselves ‘Why do I know this brand? What is it they have?’ They are looking at your products. They are there ready for you to wow them with your presentation!! They will walk past an unknown brand without stopping.

For more details on advertising with Nursery Online speak to Lyn on 01304 374169 or 07971 700979 or email on

iCandy identified in London Stock Exchange Group’s ‘1000 Companies to Inspire Britain’ 2019 report

iCandy has been identified as one of London Stock Exchange Group’s 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain 2019.

The report is a celebration of the UK’s fastest-growing and most dynamic small and medium sized businesses (SMEs), with companies representing over 40 sectors and spanning every country and region across the UK.

The result is a unique and varied list of the UK’s most dynamic companies. More details on the Companies to Inspire reports and methodology can be found online at

iCandy is honoured to be included in the list and as such recognised as one of the UK’s most dynamic companies. The accolade serves to highlight the success of the company, especially over the last year which saw Her Majesty The Queen award iCandy their second Queen's Award; this time the prestigious Queen’s Award for Innovation.

Bradley Appel, Joint CEO of iCandy, “As a British family business we are delighted to be included in this prestigious report. The accolade is a testament to our dedication to British design, craftsmanship and technical innovation”.

A full searchable database of all of the companies along with a downloadable pdf of the publication can be found online at

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Still time to boost your 2019 sales opportunities

It’s less than three months until one of the world’s largest baby trade shows; and from a business perspective, most definitely the most important international trading event of the year.

The Baby Products Association announces limited availability for its UK Pavilion at Kind + Jugend from 19th to 22nd September 2019.

For anyone involved in the baby products industry – whether a manufacturer sourcing new international buyers; distributors seeking exciting new products to add to their ranges; or retailers looking for the latest new ‘must have’ collections to tempt their customers – the UK Pavilion is must attend destination.

Kind + Jugend 2018 had over 1200 exhibitors and attracted almost 25,000 visitors from around the world. The UK Pavilion in Hall 4.1 of Koelnemesse covers 2,500 square metres and boasts the largest country specific pavilion at show.

Adrian Sneyd, UK Pavilion organiser explains: “The UK Pavilion is a preferable location to exhibit at the show, particularly for smaller companies which benefit from the additional support and assistance offered by the Baby Products Association. This includes help with logistics; a team on hand prior, during and after the event to help with any issues or problems that might arise; free pre-show marketing; a meeting area and networking event – and very prominent UK branding, making the UK Pavilion a desirable destination for buyers. Companies wishing to jump on board and take advantage of the outstanding export opportunities that Kind + Jugend and the UK Pavilion have to offer should get in touch as soon as possible as we only have a few spaces left.”

For more information about the UK Pavilion and details of exhibiting CLICK HERE.

Alternatively, give Adrian a call on 01902 880906, or email:

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Leanne’s climbing the ranks!

Dorel Juvenile are delighted to announce the promotion of Leanne Trunkwald to the position of Territory Sales Manager, following a recent vacancy created within the Sales Team.

Leanne has been working as a Product Trainer with the company for the past eighteen months and took up her new role from 1st July. Leanne will represent all five Dorel brands (Maxi-Cosi, Quinny, Safety 1st, Tiny Love and Baby Art), working with the Independent Retailers in the Midlands and North Territory of the UK.

Keith Belch, UK Sales Manager, said: "Leanne joins the sales team and brings with her an excellent knowledge of both the industry and its products, having previously worked in the retail sector for a large Independent retailer, prior to joining Dorel as a UK Product Trainer. The experience she has gained within the nursery industry and especially of the Independent trade will allow us to continue our strong relationship with the specialist retailers and the support we are able to offer them."

Leanne will be in touch with her customers in the near future to arrange introductions and is very much looking forward to her new position within the company.

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Recognition for Peg Perego's Primo Viaggo i-Size and Viaggio FF105 car seat i-Size system

Peg Perego’s new Primo Viaggio i-Size car seat achieved fantastic results in the 2019 child seat test campaign by Stiftung Warentest, ADAC, ÖAMTC and TCS, with ADAC citing it ‘Best’ in the infant carrier ‘from birth to 18 months’ category.

The new Viaggio FF105 car seat also achieved good results.

As the best infant carrier in the category up to 18 months, Primo Viaggio i-Size achieved good to very good results in all test sections and passed the test with an overall grade of 1.6.

  • Safety: Very Good (1.4)
  • Handling: Good (1.8)
  • Ergonomics: Good (1.9)
  • Pollutants: Good (2.2)

Also achieving good marks with an overall grade of 2.5, was Peg Perego’s new Viaggio FF105 - the ideal second stage car seat for older children because it utilizes the same base as the Primo Viaggio i-Size car seat. This forward-facing car seat is suitable for children from 71cm up to 105cm and 20kg weight (from 1 to 4 years).

Phil Howe, UK and Ireland Country Manager, said: “We are known for our attention to detail and Italian quality, but these awards place function above fashion and that is the most important factor when designing a car seat. Combining our inimitable Italian style to these safety credentials is a winning formula for parents and we are delighted to have received this recognition.”

Peg Perego is proud of designing and manufacturing outstanding products and wishes all babies and children good and safe journeys.

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Toddler-sized tea time

When it’s time for a little one to start feeding themselves, introduce the Baby To Love Meal Set into their tea time to help gain some autonomy and offer new learning types during meal time.

Comprising of a subtle nod to the animal kingdom including a whale shaped bowl, a penguin fork and a polar bear spoon helps entertain and encourage a little one to eat. Thanks to its manageable, small handle, little ones can easily grasp the bowl. Meanwhile the spoon and fork which accompanies the set are designed with a safe guard which allows easy handling and limits the risk of baby getting dirty. The Baby Meal Set (Pink Whale, Blue Whale) is available to buy online for £14.95 from BabyToLove.

As the months go by and baby gets stronger, learning to coordinate their movements, each child evolves at their own rhythm but on average, a baby can hold their spoon at around ten months, drink in a baby cup from around one year and feed themselves from around 18 – 24 months.

For over ten years, specialising in creation of original, innovative and trend led baby products providing a helpful hand throughout every moment of a baby's life, look no further than BabyToLove. Designed and developed in France BabyToLove are committed to the quality and safety of their products, to achieve only the best results.

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Muslinz hung up on new muslin-fabric bathrobe

Baby accessories specialist MuslinZ has launched a new hooded bathrobe made from its high-quality muslin fabric for babies and toddlers.

The bathrobe features a chunky, fixed tie and a cosy hood – and is available in a woodland or sealife design. The woodland design is white with subtle, grey woodland themed motifs. It is the perfect combination of looking great in the bathroom whilst being snuggly enough to create calm and relaxation ahead of a bedtime routine. The sealife design is brighter, with a fun, beachy print and would be ideal used at the pool, on a family trip to the coast or hanging out in the garden with the paddling pool out.

The bathrobe has been designed with two layers of 100% pure cotton. It is available in three different sizes: Small 6-12 months, Medium 1-2 years and Large 2-3 years.

MuslinZ CEO Caroline Taylor said: “We love finding innovative uses for our muslin fabric, and after the huge success of our hooded-towel that we released in 2018, a bathrobe seemed like the obvious choice for a new addition to our range.

“We had a lot of requests from our customers who had loved using our hooded towels with their babies, but who wanted an option for sitting babies and toddlers on the move. Muslin material is the perfect choice for a bathrobe as it is an incredibly soft, breathable fabric with a loose weave which creates warmth and comfort to move around, without overheating.”

MuslinZ has been producing muslin products for over a decade and its range includes traditional muslin squares, luxury bamboo organic cotton muslin squares, muslin dribble bibs, muslin hooded towels, reusable nappies and terry wipes.

For more information contact MuslinZ on, on 01295 810008 or visit

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Potential life-saving technology now available on Cybex i-Size car seats

CYBEX is taking child safety to new heights with its innovative car seat safety technology, SensorSafe.

Implemented across all of its i-Size car seats, SensorSafe has been designed to give parents total peace of mind and offers improved safety for children when travelling.

The SensorSafe clip is available on any CYBEX or gb i-Size car seats and links to an app on a smartphone, providing parents with timely notification of some key threats to a child’s health.

Studies have shown that 51% of parents have reported that their child has unbuckled themselves or even slipped out of their car seat when travelling. SensorSafe makes child safety a priority and helps to resolve this issue. The clip is placed beneath the shoulder pads of the car seat harness and buckled together to ensure the child cannot slip out of the car seat. If they do unbuckle themselves, the parent is notified immediately via the app.

There have been numerous stories across the globe of children overheating in a car, being left in their car seat for too long and even being left in the car alone for hours. The SensorSafe technology features temperature sensor that continuously monitors the temperature of a car to prevent a child from overheating or overcooling. The parent will get a notification of the first concerning change, and again when their temperature reaches a critical level.

SensorSafe can also ensure that the child is not left alone in the car. If the driver leaves the vehicle with the child buckled into their car seat, SensorSafe will send a notification, giving an alert to remind the driver that the child is still in the car. If ignored, this alert can also send to the parent’s emergency contacts to maximise safety and provide the last known location.

Although long journeys are sometimes unavoidable, experts advise that they are not recommended with young children. It is suggested that parents take a 15-minute break for every two hours of travelling, giving young children some time out of their car seat. The SensorSafe technology tracks the length of a car journey and notifies parents when they have been travelling for two hours.

Luke Burns, UK GM at Cybex, said: “At Cybex, we understand the importance of child safety, particularly when travelling. The launch of SensorSafe is revolutionary and could save a child’s life. Designed to make every day journeys easier and to ensure that parents are always aware of their child’s safety, the SensorSafe technology enables parents to respond to harmful situations before they escalate.”

CYBEX and gb i-Size car seats with SensorSafe are available now. The SensorSafe App can be used across iOS and Android. For more information, visit

SensorSafe is available with the CYBEX Cloud Z i-Size, Sirona Z i-Size, Aton M i-Size, Sirona S i-Size, Sirona M2 i-Size and the gb Vaya i-Size.

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Shnuggle team up with Stacey Solomon for Air launch

Shnuggle, the award winning clever baby products company, has teamed up with one of the UK’s most popular and loved TV personalities - Stacey Solomon - for the launch of their innovative sleep product, the Shnuggle Air.

A panellist on ITV1’s Loose Women, multi-talented Stacey shot to fame in 2009 when she made it through to the final of the X-Factor. Then in 2010, her popularity grew when she was crowned Queen Of The Jungle having won I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. In 2018, she announced she was expecting a baby with fellow TV presenter and actor Joe Swash.

Being a perfect fit for the Shnuggle brand in terms of values and demographic, Stacey will be exclusively promoting the Shnuggle Air in a series of Instagram posts to her 1.5M followers which will document her sleep journey following the birth of her third son Rex in May.

The Shnuggle Air is the only bedside crib-to-cot from birth to beyond. It combines all the key features of baby’s first bed to provide a safe, close and cosy sleep space from birth, but is uniquely designed to grow with baby; converting to a stylish cot and extending the safety and comfort for toddlers up to approximately two years of age.

Designed with breathability at its core, the dual view, mesh sides help to maximise airflow as well as allowing parents to keep a watchful eye on baby and the airflow mattress has a hypo-allergenic fibre core. Extremely versatile, the Shnuggle Air has seven height adjustments to fit most bed heights and a gentle incline option to help ease colic and reflux .

Helping to extend the life of the Crib, the Shnuggle Air Cot Extension Kit easily transforms to baby’s second bed with larger bed base and fabrics. The Air Cot retains all the safety, comfort and style of the crib, whilst helping to ease baby’s transition to a cot with a familiar and safe sleeping environment.

For more information contact

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Close partner with Bliss and Babipur to create Pop-in charity print

‘Superhero’ is the latest Pop-in print from Close and sees them partner with Babipur and Bliss. It follows on from their popular Kokeshi doll print, taking inspiration from the popular wooden peg figures sold by Babipur as well as the Bliss Little Heroes campaign.

It will be available in a range of popular products and £3 from the sale of each item in the collection will be donated to Bliss to support babies born premature or sick.

Hester MacAnara, Business Development Director, Close says “We couldn’t be happier to be working with Babipur, to support such a worthwhile charity, we have always been in awe of the good work Bliss have been doing over the past 40 years and so we really wanted to give a little back on behalf of the 1 in 13 parents out there whose babies will arrive prematurely. It also has very personal significance for team Close as Claire, a fellow Director at Close delivered her first child at 29 weeks and she and her husband are eternally grateful for the support and information they received from the charity. The ‘superhero’ wooden doll theme seemed like a great fit for us all and as Bliss have proved with the right support, even the smallest little acorn can grow into a mighty oak. We sincerely hope people love the print and get behind it, so we can raise money to help Bliss help even more families starting their parenting journey under the most difficult circumstances.

Justin Irwin, Chief Executive of Bliss, said: “We are delighted to announce our new partnership with Close & Babipur. The money raised through the sales of their new superhero range will help us get closer to our goal of ensuring that every baby born premature or sick has the best chance of survival and quality of life.”

Peter Barton founder of Babipur says, “We’re super proud to be supporting Bliss through this fun little heroes print. The Babipur community often share stories about difficulties experienced when having a sick baby, so Bliss and the work they do really resonates. Our customers are naturally very eco conscious so they love products like the Pop-in reusable nappy. Combining the nappy with this wonderful charity print means we are sure to raise lots of money through these sales.”

The exclusive charity print collection is released in July and will feature across some of their most popular award-winning Pop-in products; New gen V2 nappy, Newborn nappy, All-Popper nappy, Nappy Wrap, Stage 1 & 2 bib pack and lastly the Pop-in Playmat, products will be only available from and

For further press information, please contact or visit

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Bababing! welcomes local MP to discuss IP protection

Yorkshire based BabaBing! welcomed local MP for Keighley and Ilkley, John Grogan to their new HQ on Friday 14th June.

Following their ongoing dispute with retailer Aldi regarding the duplication of their successful Mani Backpack, MD Nick Robinson reached out to Mr Grogan who has since shown his support for the company’s campaign by visiting the company’s new Head Office in Keighley to learn more.

Both parties discussed the impact this practise by some large retailers has on small businesses across the UK. Nick from BabaBing! will now also continue his mission to stop this happening to his and other small businesses by visiting the House of Commons on Wednesday 26th June 2019 to attend the British IP Day meeting with Pete Wishart SNP MP for Perth and North Perthshire; Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Intellectual Property, Baroness Neville-Rolfe Conservative Peer and Former IP Minister, Bill Esterton Labour MP for Sefton Central and Shadow Business Minister, John Whittingdale Conservative MP for Maldon and Former Culture Secretary along with other MPs dedicated to this supporting UK innovation.

Nick Robinson comments: “We were delighted to welcome MP John Grogan to our new Head Office and grateful that he gave us the opportunity to discuss with him the events of the past few months concerning our ongoing dispute over the blatant duplication of one of our products. As a small business, we invest heavily into product development and when retailers like Aldi copy products and discount heavily, they are affecting our bottom line dramatically which will have further repercussions on future growth plans.”

MP John Grogan adds: “Great creative design and flair deserves to be rewarded in business and local jobs depend on it. We must make sure that our laws are strong enough so that the big companies with deep pockets cannot copy the ideas of innovative entrepreneurs and hope to get away with it.”

The Mani Backpack is one of BabaBing!’s most popular lines and features unique elements developed by the award-winning design team including the super-sized changing mat. The Aldi version replicates the dimensions of the mat and is available in the original colours that BabaBing! launched with. Having appeared on both the Victoria Derbyshire Show and BBC’s The One Show, BabaBing! will continue to raise awareness and campaign for more rights for small businesses.

Nick continues: “People will say this is a David and Goliath story and we suppose it is but this is also a matter of principle and a statement to Aldi and other retailers that small businesses like BabaBing! will not just accept these rip-off products being produced.”

For further information, please contact BabaBing! on 01535 606871

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Order Now – Doll's Prams from Bebecar

The dolls’ prams from Bebecar are now available to order. After proving so popular at Harrogate and on social media, the collection has now been finalised - comprising five gorgeous colours.

The chassis is modelled on the Bebecar Stylo Class pram, and these little beauties feel and function very much like the real thing. The carrycot and wheels are removable, the handle height is adjustable, and the chassis can be folded.

The first delivery is due in mid-August, so place your order now to ensure you have stock for Christmas!
01692 408801

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The power of the gram

On the evening of Thursday 20th June, Konfidence started to experience an unusual high level of Instagram notifications.

On closer inspection, the social media team were surprised and delighted to see that Rosie Ramsay, the wife of comedian Chris Ramsay had shared stories of her son in the swimming pool wearing an Original Konfidence Jacket. But just not a video, the posts came with a ringing endorsement to parents of how fantastic she thought the swim jacket was for her four-year-old son Robin.

Rosie, who has a huge social media following and with Chris hosts the popular Sh**ged Married Annoyed podcast, posted two stories on Instagram which resulted in a huge spike in traffic to the Konfidence website with sales of its multi-award-winning swim jacket tripling the next day.

Konfidence’s founder Andrew Regan said: “This is a case example of the power of unprompted celebrity endorsement on Instagram – it’s fantastic that our swim jacket is doing for Rosie and Chris what it did for us and our children when we first created it 20 years ago. And, we are now Rosie’s biggest fans!”

Based in Cornwall, Konfidence is Europe’s leading designer and manufacturer of dedicated safety swimwear for babies and children - and the market leader across 25 countries worldwide. The company’s flagship product is the Original Konfidence Jacket, and is the number one best-selling neoprene swimming buoyancy aid for children aged 1 to 7 years across the UK and Europe.

For further information on Konfidence visit and to see Rosie Ramsay’s posts go to Instagram @konfidenceuk

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Trybike wins again!

Hippychick are super proud to announce the Trybike 2-in-1 Vintage Green Balance Bike won the Pre-School category at the 2019 Outdoor Toy Awards!

Over 50 “Toyminators” aged 5–14 put the Trybike through its paces at a dedicated event where the bike was thoroughly tested in an outdoor space by 50 children!

The Trybike is the first 2-in-1 balance bike made of steel! The bike can be converted from a tricycle into a bicycle with a few simple steps. The perfect all-in-1 bike to help children transition from crawling, to walking, to balancing, to riding. It’s no wonder it stood out during judging!

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Azaria celebrates 15 years of the best relations

Azaria, the UK’s leading family specialist PR and Marketing agency, is this month celebrating its 15th birthday.

First launched in 2004, back when ‘The Facebook’ launched exclusively to Harvard students and the most popular phone was the ‘camera-less’ Nokia 2600, Managing Director Amber started out with two small clients in London. Fast forward to today, and Azaria has helped over 100 brands, has held 61 events, attended 45 Baby Shows, written over 720 press releases and secured over 75,000 pieces of media coverage!

Driven by hard work, a passion for results and a love of what they do, the award-winning agency has gained an enviable reputation for creating engaging campaigns for all baby businesses, from industry giants to small start-ups.

Experts at what they do, the Azaria Team knows how to create a must-have product and help a brand become a household name. Be it social media, influencer marketing, T.V, radio or consumer coverage, they continue to create captivating campaigns and widespread coverage in the ever-changing climate of communication.

Dominating in specialist PR with its vast expertise in this arena, Azaria has worked with amazing brands such as Maxi-Cosi, Little Tikes, Stokke, Joie, Chicco and Skip Hop, (to name but a few). Looking ahead, it’s clear that Azaria continues to make waves and create a buzz, delivering impactful, results-driven activities in a much-loved industry.

Amber Steventon, Managing Director, says: “I am so proud of Azaria and all we have achieved over the last 15 years. From a laptop (with dial-up internet connection!) in my London flat, to a global, award-winning Agency with an amazing experienced team. I love it, and I feel as passionate now, as the day I started.

I’ve had the privilege to work some amazing people at some truly wonderful brands, who have inspired and challenged me. Most of all, Azaria wouldn’t be what it is without my team, past and present; the skills, knowledge, expertise, graft and friendship; every day we laugh.

I’m so excited for Azaria’s bright future as I drive it forward with the same energy and determination as day one.”

Complete with a specially adapted birthday logo, Azaria is celebrating in style by sending out branded Birthday Boxes, featuring its trademark cupcakes and bubbles, to their nearest and dearest to say thank you for all the support over the years. Let the celebrations begin!

For more information on Azaria visit, follow what they are up to @azaria_ltd and say “Hi” to Amber and the Team at

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