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ype in “Gifts for Baby” into any search engine and you will come up with a huge variety of websites offering a variety of presents. Then there are any number of gift shops on the High Street. So how can a nursery retailer compete?

Firstly any item can be a gift if it is presented correctly. There’s nothing stopping you gift wrapping any item in your shop though I do concede wrapping a pushchair may present some difficulties! A supply of pretty carrier bags with a bit of ribbon can go a long way. Gifts are generally bought not by your usual customer – the expectant parent – so you may have to entice window shoppers inside.

In general though, when baby gifts are mentioned, retailers often think of things such as decorated china or bracelets and other pieces of jewellery – small, expensive (and it must be said, generally useless) things that are a target for a shoplifter and often don’t sell. But there is still a wide range of alternatives.

Thinking about present buying has brought me to the conclusion that there are two main types of present buyers. The first is the person who is looking for a specific present for a specific person – usually at a specific price. Sometimes they can be persuaded to spend a little more if they are convinced that the item is just what is needed, but often they are constrained not only by what they can afford but also by a ‘social contraint’– they need to spend enough so that they are not thought of as mean; but not too much as it becomes embarrassing for the recipient!

The second sort of buyer is the ‘impulse’ buyer – they see something nice and buy it! These tend to be at the lower price points and can be frivolous rather than practical! And of course, the giver and the receiver can be one and the same person – we all need to treat ourselves occasionally!

So what does this mean for the nursery retailer? For the impulse buyer, suitable products need to be on display where they are seen by casual passer-bys. For the planned purchase, we need a selection at a variety of price points.

One key element as to what makes a product suitable for a gift is the packaging. The perfect product in a tatty box just isn’t on. A useless product in a beautiful box all tied up with ribbon is much more acceptable! More mundane products can easily be turned into a more acceptable gift, especially if you have the wherewithall to gift wrap. If you can learn a bit about the mechanics of wrapping and can do a better job than your average punter then you could always charge a small fee for it!

The key aspects of gift wrapping are
  • use a decent quality of paper. Cheap paper is often thin and tears easily wasting both time and paper. Buying it in a large roll is the most economical way.
  • Don’t use too much paper! An overlap of an inch or so is enough (fold the cut end under). Unless the package is very thin, the ends should only be around two thirds of the way up. Cut the paper to size even if bits end up in the waste.
  • Wrap the ribbon around – in the centre of the longest side and two thirds up on the shortest side looks classy – and tie off with a bow. A few extra lengths tied in and all ends curled with the back of the scissors
Et voila! Add in gift tabs and a selection of cards and you could soon be running a gift shop!

Hop on board a Wheelybug from Hippychick

Multi-directional, robustly built and with fantastically funky designs, the Wheelybug is not just another ride-on – it adds a true touch of class to any toy collection.

Whilst other ride-ons may be content with going backwards and forwards or side to side, the unlimited directional movement offered by the Wheelybugs mean that the rider can add ‘round and round’ to their fun filled journey.

The Bugs are easy to wipe clean, suitable for any flat surface, and available in a delightfully cheerful choice of six styles - Ladybird, Bee, Tiger, Mouse, Cow and most recently the new Pig design. These characters lolook so good that a parent is not going to mind if a Wheelybug is left out of the toy cupboard, in fact they might insist upon it!

So hop aboard the ride-on revolution with the Wheelybug range, available exclusively from Hippychick.

Wheelybugs are available in the UK from Hippychick. For more information, or to place an order email

Tel: 01278 434440 Web:

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Cuddledry’s Cuddleduck is the perfect gift for the bath, as a teether or as a toy.

This little chap is irresistible, not just for babies but mums and dads too! Hand-made in Spain using natural rubber he contains no nasties for the little one and is soft and squishy for tiny hands to hold.

Cuddleduck offers 100% safe play in the bath, and with naturally antibacterial properties is perfect for sensitive baby skin, even for teething little ones who need to chew!

Offered in a gorgeous polka dot design, he is a lovely edition to any bathroom whether you have children or not! Presented in a gift box Cuddleduck makes an ideal present for any time of the year.

New Born Baby Gift set

Fabulous new born gift sets from Cuddledry! The beautifully soft bamboo and cotton towels have cute applique hoods sewn into the corner to slip over a newborn’s head after a bath and it comes with a lovely matching cuddle mitt and the natural rubber Cuddleduck. The silky soft bamboo means the towelling will stay super soft making it an ideal newborn present.

The Cuddledry collection caters for everything from impulse purchases to a full set of items to kit out a new family for baby at bathtime.

01823 323363

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Easier parenting. Easier gifts. The Taf Toys Owl Collection

With Easier Parenting solutions in mind, the Taf Toys Owl Collection makes the perfect gift range, all year round.

When it comes to Easier Sleep, the Taf Toys Musical Sleepy Pal Owl makes a delightful first toy for baby that soothes at bed-time but also entertains during the day. The stylish music unit features a nightlight that is securely tucked away inside each Sleepy Pal and can also be removed and used independently as baby grows. The music unit offers a day and night-time mode, with a range of melodies that each play for 15 minutes - just long enough for baby to drift off to sleep.

With an Easier Drive in mind, the Taf Toys Musical Car Toy Owl is not only engaging, it is also soothing. Choosing from two different options - playtime mode and soothing mode- parents can select whether to encourage activity or sleep via a small and convenient remote control. Within each mode baby can change the melody themselves making journeys smoother for all.

For Easier Development, the Taf Toys Crawl and Stack is the perfect gift for babies aged 9 months+. The brightly coloured two-in-one stacker truck and crawling aid will fascinate babies and toddlers, encouraging them to develop their motor skills as they crawl after the toy. Featuring an adorable owl driver, the stacker tower rotates gently 360 degrees when pushed, helping to teach baby about cause and effect. As baby places the rings on the detachable stacker post, it helps to strengthens hand-eye coordination and encourages the development of motor skills.

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Stocking fillers that have the personal touch

The countdown is underway and with just three weeks to go until Christmas, anyone can find the perfect gift for a loved one and their family from Baby Art’s collection.

Whether it’s to celebrate baby’s first Christmas or they’re buying for friends and family, there’s a selection of beautiful and unique souvenirs to choose from to capture festive memories.

Parents can create a lasting memory and treasure baby's hand prints with the One to Tree customisable measuring chart. Allowing parents to mark off their baby’s growth with included stickers, it’s a great gift idea for new parents on every occasion, especially Christmas.

Thanks to its soft shades, this gift will complement every home. Supplied with four paint tubes, parents can create a memory that will last forever and make paint prints of baby’s hands and attach them to the measuring chart.

Alternatively, bring the family together with the Baby Art Family Touch Frame – an irresistible gift that is suitable from birth and displays the whole family’s handprints in a 3D style. The frame can be personalised by adding favourite photographs to capture this special time.

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Personalised wooden gifts

Personalised products are a treasured gift for any new parent. Nothing compares to seeing your baby’s name on a beautifully crafted wooden product from Stuck On You.

Recognising the letters in their name is a special milestone for young children. With Stuck On You Wooden Name Puzzles and Personalised Wooden Name Blocks you’ll watch the learning unfold before your eyes.

There are two timeless colour palettes to choose from and each product comes in its own felt bag, which you can also choose to personalise. Puzzles and blocks are wonderful tools for improving fine motor skills. When playtime is over these gifts become stylish display pieces on a shelf or bookcase.

New wooden jigsaw puzzles come in two sizes (large and small). There are ten exquisite designs, with something to suit every personality. Personalise the puzzle with the name of a special person, and they’ll spend hours putting it together and tipping it over to start again. Made from high quality laser cut plywood, you can choose from 12 or 24 pieces.

All Stuck On You wooden gifts are made from sustainably grown birch wood and lovingly hand-painted using lead-free paint.

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Playtime gets Sassy with Hardenberg&Co for SS17!

Sassy toys have an award-winning product range and their innovative features are built with a purpose!

With over 25 years of experience under their belt, Sassy create trusted toys that not only infants love, but parents too because safety comes first.

Product design starts with a clear and in depth understanding of developmental stages and all toys are created to provide a sensory experience that will engage and stimulate baby’s senses. A variety of textural finished materials are used to stimulate exploration and discovery and the use of bold, high contrast colors are key to enhancing the developmental experience. It’s no wonder that these products are multi-award winning!

2017 set to get Sassier!

An array of new toys will be launching from Sassy; all beautifully designed and equipped with unique features to help baby learn. Hardenberg&Co are delighted to present a brand new range; full of creativity and innovation with a real purpose to develop all aspects of baby’s senses through sound, touch, sight and taste. Sassy is focussed on stimulating and developing the four key senses in baby’s first year and beyond. Offering a range of age-appropriate toys this beautiful collection of quality toys really will awaken anyone’s imagination.

With prices ranging from just £4.99 and a range of collections including rattles, floor toys, high chair toys, plush and teething; there really is something for everyone!

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