nce upon a time in the dim and distant past, babies stayed at home. Now we don't let a little baby stop us from going where we want when we want. And there is now so much which will help us to just that!

Obviously things like lightweight pushchairs and baby carriers help move babies around but many mums don't know about the many useful little items and this is where a good retailer can help. Tippitoes has host of useful products.

Chillipeeps have not been on the market long so many people have yet to hear of it, yet it is one thing that mums should have tucked away somewhere, in their bag, in the car (OK so they need at least two!!). And the yoomi can get the bottle of milk warm in 60 seconds. The TrendyKid PackIt cooler keeps everything cool until it is needed.

Being away from their usual place of sleep can have a detrimental effect on baby's sleeping habits, so things that put him in a darker environment cannot but help and if baby is sleeping, everybody is happier. See the solutions from Content and Calm, Snoozeshade and Outlook. And to ensure that no little accidents spoil the break, the Hippychick Mattress Protector is vital!!

Eating out with baby is another area which can be fraught with difficulty. A number of places now have highchairs available but this cannot be guaranteed and friends and family often don't keep spare highchairs. The Totseat means that baby is held safely and securely on a normal chair and the Kaboost will raise it to a better height. Or use Minene's Mibooster cushion.

Finally, there are all the things needed for a great time on the beach......see what Koolsun can offer!

Let's make the most of summer!

The ultimate travel accessory

The revolutionary Chillipeeps teat solves a common problem experienced by many when out and about with young hungry babies and no clean sterilised bottle to use.

Ideal for travelling, days out, shopping trips and holidays abroad, the ingenious Chillipeeps re-usable teat screws on to most water bottles or cartons to provide a baby friendly drink wherever a family finds itself!

The teat comes in an ultra-compact, sealed pod (the same size as a dummy pod) that is small enough to fit in handbags and changing bags and ensures a sterile environment on the go.

The BPA free, vari-flow teat has two adaptors – one that allows it to screw into cartons and one that allows it to screw on to most water bottles. The teat allows slow, medium and fast flow making it suitable from 3 months plus.

Designed by a mum, Chillipeeps couldn’t beeasier to use and re-use! Dishwasher proof – they are super easy to keep clean between uses, and when the time comes to use them they fit on to bottles and cartons in a matter of seconds.

A true ‘must have’ for under £6, Chillipeeps reassures parents that they will always be able to give their little one the drinks or nourishment they need, wherever they are. Importantly, it also does this in the simplest, safest, most hygienic and convenient way possible!

Chillipeeps, exclusively distributed in the UK by Hippychick

For more information call 01278 434440, email or visit

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Travel essentials from Tippitoes

From changing bags and carriers, to lightweight strollers, Tippitoes has a whole host of items that will make travelling out and about that little bit easier.

Whether it’s popping to the shops, holidaying aboard or just going for a stroll to the park, there are a multitude of things for parents to remember when taking out their little one.

Brand new for this season, Tippitoes has launched a fantastic travel cot that offers value for money and a number of practical benefits.

The comfortable travel cot comes complete with a soft, foldable mattress and travel bag for easy transportation, so it is great for taking on holiday, visiting family and friends or stopping over at grandparents.

Constructed with four fine mesh sides, the new travel cot features a simple pull up action with multi-locking mechanism, to give parents added piece ofmind and to provide a safe and sturdy environment for baby.

When not being used as a sleeping area, the travel cot can either be compactly stored away or can be used as a great secure playpen during the day.

To accompany the travel cot, Tippitoes has also launched a clever Insect Net, which can also be used on a wide range of prams/pushchairs, buggies, carrycots and playpens. This fine mesh net will help protect little ones against flies, wasps and other insects, making it a handy product to take on holiday or for using when out in the garden.

For further information and to see the full collection, please visit: or call 0845 600 8595 for the latest catalogue.

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Totseat: the washable squashable highchair

The multi award-winning Totseat, a fully adaptable chair harness, can be used at home, whilst out and about or on family holidays.

Available in eight cool and contemporary designs, packaged in its own tiny travel pouch and fully machine washable, it is the most versatile product of its type.

Winning Gold in the coveted Practical Parenting and Practical Preschool awards in 2011 and ‘Best Feeding Product’ in the Tots to Travel Just Go Awards the Totseat is recognised to be the best fabric highchair currently on the market.

The Totseat’s simple yet ingenious design makes it easy to convert almost any chair into a fully functioning highchair. Simply slip over the chair back, adjust the length, clip firmly, sit back and enjoy.

In order to make it the safest fabric highchair, theTotseat was designed with guidance from the Child Accident Prevention Trust, RoSPA, the Baby Product Association, as well as with paediatricians and physiotherapists.

In recognition of its impeccable safety credentials, the Totseat proudly carries the Child Accident Prevention Trust logo and fully complies with European Standards for a child chair harness.

This ‘washable, squashable highchair’ is a great way of offering parents an alternative to restaurant highchairs and is invaluable when a highchair is not an available option.

Totseat is available exclusively in the UK from Hippychick.

Tel: 01278 434440

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Stock the best!

The market-leading and proven, multi award-winning bed protector range from Hippychick provides the ultimate insurance for mattresses and bedding alike.

Soft, breathable, absorbent and 100% waterproof these are essential items for every household. They also act as an anti-allergy barrier against dust mites, a major cause of hay fever and asthma, bringing further benefits to the user. They are ideal not just for use at home but for taking on holiday or visiting friends and family – helping to ensure a good night’s sleep for everyone.

Included in the Bedding Collection are Pillow, Duvet, Sleeping Bag and Cotton Mattress Protectors. In addition, as an alternative to the cotton protectors, Hippychick offer a Tencel version. Tencel is a naturally hygienic fibre made from 100% biodegradable wood pulp cellulose. It is as cool as linen, soft as silk and even more absorbent than cotton. Available in pink, blue and lemon, and come with a 10 year guarantee.

On top of all these very special features the Hippychick Bed Protector Range is of the highest quality, competitively priced ensuring customer satisfaction and an easy sell through.

Tel: 01278 434440

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Sun protection for travelling tots

Outlook unveils their most comprehensive consumer campaign yet, with adverts placed in all key parenting magazines on and offline. Don’t miss the summer buzz on this market leading sun-protection range.

Auto-shadeTM is the only universal car sunblind that covers the whole window, giving rear seat passenger’s effective protection from sun, glare, heat and insects, allowing them to view the world or enjoy a snooze in comfort and safety.

Simple and easy to fit, it allows full ventilation as it stays in place whether the window is open or closed and can be switched between cars. The UPF10 mesh allows the child to see out and yet screens over 90% of harmful UV rays.

Auto-shades are available in two multi-fittingshapes. The rectangular shade fits most makes and models of 4-door cars and the curved model is a better fit on sporty models with rounded rear windows. RRP £19.99 single pack, or £30 for a pack of two.

Outlook Australia is the global industry leader in baby sun shades for families on-the-move. All Outlook shades are approved by the Skin & Cancer Foundation of Australia and are designed to help children enjoy the fresh air and sunshine safely.

Tel: 01730 895761

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A family travel essential

SnoozeShade, the multi-award-winning range of breathable blackout blinds and sleep aids, helps make any time sleep time.

Travelling with a baby or toddler can be daunting, and one of the things that parents worry about is whether their child will sleep well when away from home.

The one-size-fits-all SnoozeShade range lets children sleep undisturbed wherever they are and with the highest level of sun protection throughout (UPF50+) baby’s delicate skin and eyes are protected when out during the day.

“SnoozeShade Original worked wonders on our holiday. As my husband put it: ‘a stroke of genius’. This is perfect for holidays and naps out-and-about.” Lou, UK

“Our summer so far has been super-HOT and humid. SnoozeShade Plus provides sun and heat protection while keeping baby comfy and cool. Simply brilliant, we love it!” Stefanie, USA

“I love SnoozeShade for Cots. I don’t know what we would have donewithout it.” Helen, Netherlands

The SnoozeShade range for prams, buggies, infant car seats and travel cots, is ideal for day trips, holidays, visiting family and friends, sharing rooms or eating out. Whenever baby needs to sleep - SnoozeShade has it covered.

In our second year, awareness of the SnoozeShade brand is increasing and we have a strong PR and marketing campaign with frequent national coverage - so be prepared for customers to ask for SnoozeShade. Free display samples are available.

Visit to see the full range and reviews or e-mail us at for more information.

If you are an independent retailer, please contact Hippychick at

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Just in time for summer

Just in time for summer from TrendyKid is the new mini PackIt cooler. PackIt is a freezable and reusable gel lined storage bag that offers a healthy alternative to keeping food and drinks chilled for longer.

Compact and extremely versatile the PackIt folds neatly to store in the freezer until ready to fill and go. It is perfect for school, work, holidays, sporting events, festivals, concerts, days out, camping and just about any other reason for taking a packed lunch, bottles, medications or a snack. The PackIt Snack Pack complements the larger cooler bag.

PackIt needs no ice packs or ice to keep the contents cool.

Made from non toxic and PVC and lead free materials PackItis kind to the environment as well as totally safe for use for any family member.

PackIt makes it easy to pack more varied and healthier meals, ensuring that anything perishable is kept suitably chilled, with contents remaining cool for up to 10 hours, meaning that leftovers can go back in the fridge, reducing waste and saving money.

Tel: 01753 202 330

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The perfect accessory for toddlers on the go!

Whether out at a cafe, sitting at Granny’s table or headed on holiday, Minene’s Mibooster cushion is the perfect travel accessory for toddlers this summer holidays.

Lightweight and durable, the Mibooster can be worn as a cute backpack making it ideal for children on the go. The cushion even comes with a rear pocket for storage, crayons and a colouring in book, ensuring toddlers will be well entertained while sitting at the table

The booster has made quite a splash in the market so far and is now a finalist in the 'Best New Product to Market' at this year’s Junior Design Awards.

Idealfor use in the home, eating out and travelling, the cover can be removed for machine washing and is available in six stylish colours and designs.

Minene are constantly introducing new and exciting products to their existing collections and have launched their brand new UK website

For further information about Minene please contact:

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The compact and fully portable chair booster

KABOOST is a compact and fully portable chair booster that raises the height of kitchen and dining chairs allowing children to sit at the table at the right height, enjoying the benefits of eating with the family and building valuable social skills.

Kaboost will fit virtually all 4-legged chairs and stays attached even when the chair is moved. Kaboost snaps on to a chair in just seconds and raises it to two height options, allowing it to be adjusted as the child grows.

Engineered to improve the stability of chairs when used Kaboost will hold up to 300lbs and the rubberised non-slip feet will not scratch floors.

Ardega Nursery Distributionis a leading distributor of new and innovative products with major brands including Motorola Baby Monitors, Samsung and Respisense; Ardega also distribute Child Safety & Travel products from JL Childress and Kaboost.

Please contact us to discuss becoming a stockist of Kaboost.

Tel: 01473 256076

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New innovative travel solutions

Content and Calm introduce the new Cot Canopy Breeze, joining the Cot Canopy Original and ProtectiShade in our award-winning travel solutions range and our new ProtectiShade Buggy, the handy lightweight instant shade on the go - fits all buggies.

NEW Cot Canopy Breeze! RRP £59.99
  • Award winning personal darkness solution for all cots.
  • Fits any cot size from travel cots to cotbeds.
  • UPF sun protection mesh for use both inside and outside.
  • Provides the essential head height for growing children and bouncing toddlers, from 0-3+.
  • Excellent ventilation for a child - and the mesh allows carers to easily check on them without disturbing them too!
  • Large double-zipped opening allows easy in and out access to a sleeping child.
  • Midwife and Mum approved!
  • Mesh protects from insects, cats and other creepy crawlies - no more complicated mosquito nets!
  • Internal loop for favourite toys or hanging mobiles.
  • Great for room sharing, nursery, camping, outside play...anytime anywhere!
  • Helps early risers sleep longer!
NEWProtectiShade Buggy ONLY £9.99 RRP
  • Creates darkness and UPF sun protection instantly on the go!
  • One size fits all - fits double and single pushchairs.
  • Good ventilation and visibililty for the child - child can see out clearly and carers can see in without disturbing them!
  • Helps to protect from sun, wind, glare and insects.
  • Easy to attach mesh with simple ties.
  • Lightweight and comes with its own carry bag.
  • Also attaches to the original UPF50+ ProtectiShade car seat shade with simple Velcro fastening
0207 610 2355
Email: or contact Peter Hawtin, Sales Director on or 07795277013

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On the go feeding essential

yoomi, the award-winning feeding system has just got better – say hello to the two minute microwave charging pod…

New to yoomi? Well, a multiple ‘travel’ award-winner* yoomi....
... is the world’s first rechargeable self-warming bottle
... is the only product that can warm baby’s feed in 60 seconds
... warms feed to the exact temperature of breast milk
... is the perfect solution for feeding on the go

The clever new yoomi pod....
... charges the warmer in just two minutes!
... doubles up as a carry case
... uses microwave technology so parents can charge on the go!

A must when travelling with babies, yoomi is....
... portable – no flasks of hot water and no more begging for hot water incafes.
...quick – yoomi warms feed in just 60 seconds.

yoomi warms baby’s feed to the exact temperature of breastmilk - every time – no more guesswork!

‘Yoomi is one of my top 3 travel necessities, without a doubt!’ says Holli, mum to Cora

yoomi is launching the pod exclusively with Mamas & Papas this month and will also be available for UK retail soon through Baby Brands Direct (

For more information, see

* ‘Best Travel Invention’ Loved By Parents awards 2011, Tots to Travel awards 2011, Practical Parenting awards 2010

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UV protection from KoolSun

KoolSun, the one stop holiday shop for babies and children, offers a wide range of UV protective swimwear and accessories to ensure safety in the sunshine at all times.

Available next week – ShadeMe - a very clever sun shade that fits all buggies and prams which provides sun protection of SPF50+. Add Shore Feet, infant beach shoes, and the Fold-a-Brella, an ingeniousfolding full-sized sun shade which fits perfectly into a suitcase, for a complete travel package ideal for protecting children in the sun.

KoolSun Ltd
01483 417753

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For the widest choice in travel products

Since 1999, Diono has been known as Sunshine Kids Juvenile Products and you have trusted us to provide your customers with travel accessories that meet the highest standards of safety, quality and value.

Now, as Diono, we offer an ever expanding range of innovative products, and whilst our name has changed, our focus remains the same: to provide your customers with travel accessories that will help to make travelling with babies and children safer, easier and moreenjoyable for the whole family.

The new Diono catalogue features a wide range of best-selling and new products designed to help your customers arrive in safety, style and comfort. For your copy please call 0845 300 9071.

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